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Green Boy is hungry! Time to play

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Green Boy is here! Help your picky child eat a variety of food by playing this fun and simple tablet & mobile app. Get the ads-free version here.

Game 1: Green Boy is hungry! Feed him with yogurt, salad and much more

Game 2: Time for lemonade! Make a fresh, sugar free lemonade. Drag and drop the lemons into the juicer.

Game 3: Time for grocery shopping: Choose vegetables and fresh herbs like rosemary and basil and add them into your trolley.

Game 4: Plant an orange tree: How good are you in gardening? Take care of your tree and nature!

Game 5: Your greengrocer needs some help. Drag and drop the fruits into the right box

Game 6: Recycling time. Help your kid cut recycled paper and make a confetti! Talk to them about recycling and how this habit helps the whole universe.